anaklia location mapAnaklia is a new resort, located on the southeastern coast of  the Black Sea, on the left side of the Enguri River where it flows into the Black Sea, in the central part of the Colchis lowland. Coast of Anaklia is about 8 km in length, and in the distance of more than 1 km, there’s the resort promenade, and some comfortable hotels are placed along it. At the western end of the promenade begins the 540-meter pedestrian bridge that connects the resort to the village Ganmukhuri, located on the opposite side of the Enguri River. In the north the nearest neighbors of Anaklia are the towns of Gali, Ochamchire and Sokhumi, and in the south of it – Poti, Kobuleti and Batumi. Anaklia is the part of  Zugdidi district of Georgia, and its center, city of Zugdidi is 30 km away from Anaklia. In Zugdidi there is the palace of princes of Samegrelo – Dadiani, a beautiful park and a museum, which keeps one of the two existing death masks of Napoleon, which belonged to Marshal Murat, who once lived in this palace.   Anaklia is located on flat terrain, bordered on the north western spurs of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, which can be perfectly viewed in clear weather, directly from the sea coast. The mountains are located at a distance of approximately 40 – 45 km. The area between the mountains and the sea is quite densely populated; there are many villages, whose inhabitants – Megrelians – engaged mainly in agriculture. There is a very fertile soil that, along with a mild climate, creates good conditions for the cultivation of many crops such as tea, citrus, feijoa, filbert, corn and soybeans. Anaklia, Samegrelo, Georgia The nearby foothills and mountain slopes are covered with deciduous forests of chestnut, beech, hornbeam and lime, as well as the relic of evergreen trees – box and yew, amongof which are located the villages of the upper part of Samegrelo. Enguri River Gorge, from which the road is moving up to the Mestia town, is also a unique sightseeing – a boisterous, full-flowing river with fast flowing water of bright- turquoise color, bordered by steep, forested hillsides, with a winding modern freeway, carries travelers from hot Colchis in mountainous Svaneti. Its center is located 130 km away from Zugdidi. Its administrative center, Mestia, mainly consists from tower-houses, which have still retained its ancient appearance. Above Mestia, on the slopes of the snow-capped mountains, in spite of the summer there are ski slopes with functioning lifts. Thus, during one summery day you can dip into the sea water in the morning, then cross the plains of Colchis and climb thegorge of Enguri river to Svaneti, go skiing at its snowy slopes, and at the end of the day, to go down again to the warm sea.